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Hi, I'm Ricky, Owner, Designer and Maker.
Here at Custom-Costumes, Quality is #1...but along side Quality, is Customer Service! This is the place to come for One-on-One service with the Up-Most Importance of your wants and needs kept in mind!
We will do whatever it takes to earn your Satisfaction!
As owner and designer, each and every costume that is produced is made and overseen by me personally. Sense 2006, Custom-Costumes has provided hundreds of Hero/Villian character fans with the most realistic costumes around. If you're looking for Movie Quality, you've came to the right place!
The word Custom we hold true! If you have an Idea for a costume, or if you have something you want but can't find someone to make it, give us a try, we might surprise you.
We provide a service like no other. From Films, Conventions, Events, Charity Work, Businesses Large and Small...right down to the person who just wants something to display. Whatever your need, don't hesitate to drop us a line and get a quote.