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..."Dear Ricky.... 
(Clears Throat... Long inhale....)
OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!  
Guess what I got for Christmas?! Thank You Ricky SO MUCH, I know what you do, and did for my mom and family and no matter what happens I will find a way to make sure everyone comes to Custom-Costumes! I say that, not to kiss-ass exactly, but so that everyone can open their postal box and get as happy as I did to see your amazing work!!! BEYOND AMAZAING!!
Be honest.... are you a witch??? because these costumes are just too awesome
for words.... There is a lot of blood rushing around and I'm flapping my cape, so 
im going to get back to it and I'll be inundating you with pictures soon!!!
-Scott Smith"

..."It may have been a bit rocky, it may have been a bit of a long wait.... but Great Rao, once it got here and I put it on... I realized that this whole thing happened for a reason. I liked the first version, the original that I had ordered... but this new one, after all the upgrades???
I'm really hoping these pictures just speak for themselves. Wow Ricky... just, wow. You've outdone yourself with this one, my friend. Well done. 
Thank You so MUCH. As I said, you've really outdone yourself with this suit.
Scott Smith."

..."Ricky.........I have no words........My mind is going thru so much right now.......I can't believe what just came in the mail.
I'm going to have to think about better words to let you know what I'm feeling.
I just can't believe I'm holding this...sorry for ANY pressure I put on you, and all of those emails.
I feel bad for hounding you about this. I can Totally see why these take time to construct. 
I wouldn't know where to begin to even make any part of this thing. You are truly a Very 
Talented Man! Keep up what you are providing a terrific service for us Superman fans!
I wish you all of the best business on the planet.
Thank you again and again Ricky!
Many Thanks,
Kevin Sweer"

..."Hi Ricky
  Now that I have my New 52 Superman Costume, and I see how much detail you put into your suits, I'm ready to
purchase the Man Of Steel Costume! I was thinking your pictures might have been edited they looked so good.
But now I know these things are indeed real! I went to the store in my costume the other day and got sooo many
people wanting to take pics and feel my suit. I can't wait to get my hands on the Man Of Steel!
I'll be in touch Very soon!
Thanks again Ricky, yu and your team are Awesome!!
Trent Walkins"

..."Finally!!! Man I tell you what, this costume is the best thing I ever laid eyes on!
Brother, I don't know How you did it.......but Holy Smokes! I couldn't be happier Ricky!
I never expected this thing to look like this in person...NEVER! I love your work, and I knew
I was buying a Very good looking Man Of Steel costume....but this thing looks like Henry Cavill
just took it off!! AMAZNG!!!
You Are The Man!
I'll be back for more!! Coun on that!!
Thanks again Ricky!
Dale Groeier"

..."Salutations Ricky.
  Let me start off by first saying I'm soooo sorry for hounding you about my costume!
I was just anxious and to be honest a little concerned. But my friend, your the best thing that ever happened to the costume industry! At least for a Huge Superman fan like myself!
You've made one mans dreams come true! I've always wanted to Don the Blue Tights, but never
actually imagined Owning such a Magnificent costume. I'm SO glad I chose you, (not that anything else I searched around for even came Close to what you make and sell).
A Thousand and One Thanks!!
Fredrick Holmes"

..."Hello Ricky
  My costume came today, it fits Perfectly! It looks Fantastic!!
I watched the Man Of Steel movie just last night, and when it came today it was so perfect.
I'm so completely satisfied with this costume (and I am a VERY picky person!) that I called up
all of my fellow Hero Friends and they are racing over here as I type this message to see this thing.
I'm sure you'll be hearing from a couple of them.
I'll send you pics next week when I have photo shoot.
I'm so excited I'm already planning a show case to build for this thing. I'll send pics of that too!
Thanks again Ricky, Outstanding job! My mind is still blown!
Your friend,
George Roles"

..."Mr. Ricky Broussard.
Thank you so much for this costume. It's one of the best things I ever purchased in my life.
I love the detail you put into your work. I've searched for so long for a decent superman 
costume for so long. When I found your site and read your reviews I was SOLD! Now that I 
see your work up close nothing else compares.
Again thank you Ricky
Albert Veeres"

..."Dear Ricky.
  Hope you are well. I am jus letting you know that I received my Man Of Steel costume yesterday.
I'm still picking up the pieces from my, my two friends, my Wife, and my kids' mouths lol.
I don't know how in the world you produced such an accurate representation of this costume,
but boy let me say I'm sure glad it was thru you! I couldn't imagine getting anything of lesser quality.
You hit this one Out of the Park!!
I absolutely LOVE my Returns and Reeve Costumes, and they are in perfect shape!
But I think even after all the smack talk I've done about this new costume, now that I'm holding it
I my hands (literally it's setting right beside me), this is hands down my favorite Superman Costume!
Thank you again Ricky for job well done.
Your new best friend,
Zachary Feilding"

Ricky....Holy Smokes It Came!!
You are the S**T!!!! I wore this thing to the Man Of Steel movie last night and OMG!!!!
You are sure to get business from last night alone! Me and my friend dressed up, I wore
mine and he wore the Returns Costume he bought from you back in Feb.
We we're freakin STARS man!! It couldn't have went better!
We will be ordering our custom suits from you in a couple of weeks.
We're so pumped up from this it's Nuts! The movie people asked us to come back lol.
Thank you again my friend!
Great Work, Great Great Great Work!
Chris Lopelle"

..."Hey, I bought a superman cape from you a little while ago and wore it to finish off my costume for DragonCon ATL... it looked amazing! I must have had over 1000 people taking pictures of me and in several cases I even stopped traffic! When I went down the walk of fame to get auto-graphs the several celebs asked for MY picture!!! There where other sups there but NONE had a cape that perfect! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for providing this item."

..."Hi Ricky, I got the costume yesterday morning so forgive me for not getting back to you sooner.And.......EXCELLENT, I'm very pleased the boots fit perfect and look fantastic, I'm well impressed with the quality of the belt, The pants and cape are also superb and everything compliments each other really well to round off the whole costume. Well done a very skilled piece of work, I would be happy to recomend you to any future buyers so feel free to forward this email or my email address if u want this item endorsing by a happy customer.It's been a pleasure doing business with you, in a way I'm kinda sad it's over.Many thanks and best regards"

  I received it today. It is absolutely wonderful. You do magnificent work. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to own this masterpiece of clothing. Thanks again, Matthew"

..."Dear Mr. Ricky,
  Please disregard the last two e-mails regarding the tracking number!
First of all I'd like to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! IT IS AN
AWESOME COSTUME!! You weren't really kidding about the quality of the
costume. When I opened the package, I couldn't believe my eyes. All me and
my buddy could say was "HOLY !@#!@!!" It just got here really in time for
the Halloween too!! I am sooooo glad I got this costume from you.
Unbelievable costume!! There already are people asking me where I got the
costume from and I haven't even put them on yet. I'll definitely recommend
you to other people if they are looking for awesome Superman Costumes. Once
again, thank you sooo much and keep up the good work!!"
From an extremely satisfied customer,

..."Ricky, I wanted to thank you for the incredible Superman costume. It is
everything I could have hoped for and more. You really are talented. Thank
you very much. It is so professional looking.

..."Ricky, HOLY COW! THE SUIT IS SUPER!!! you did a fantastic job on it. i should have some pictures for you within a couple of days. It was better than i expected it to be! Nice job!Thanx, Cody"

..."Hey Rick, I wanted to let you know I showed off your superman costume for this past Halloween and this suit was the center of attention everywhere we went. I actually wound up having my photo taken for the area's weekend magazine in the Halloween edition. Everyone was in awe over your work and raved it as identical to the movie! " Thank you,Paul

..."Hi rick it's Robert, sorry but I've been out of town this past week and just got home today and just have to say that the costume is just breath taking and i'm very pleased...thank you very much!"

..."Hi Ricky
I got the costume today February 7, 2007.It is so real and fits great and you said the cape was heavy, and it is, and you did such a great job and it is a work of art. you got every detail so right to the movie costume and I love it and I will tell people if they need a costume to call you are email you and order a great costume. Thanks again for the great superman Returns Costume."

..."Hi Ricky-
Just wanted to say WOW!!!! I really could not believe how well this came
out. I have had several costumes made through the years and I have never
had such a great first experience with a designer in all my years!!!!
You've got real talent and it has been truly a pleasure. Keep my
measurements, I will be back."
Thank you and have a great evening

I received the "Superman Returns" outfit yesterday. All I can say is "Wow!" It's unbelievable - you managed to duplicate the movie costume perfectly. It's a great job!Again, thanks for an awesome job! Jeff 

..."hiya Ricky got my costume yesterday
it is with no shadow of a doubt that it is definately the best ever superman costume i've ever seen and it's so comfortable too,
i got made to try it on at work and everyone loved it!!"
Thanks, Matthew

..."WOW! That was my first reacting when I saw the costume. Ricky the costume is amazing!! It looks and feels great. My gf loved my costume, now she wants a Supergirl costume. I will be ordering her costume in a few weeks. Thanks for your time."

...Holy Crap Ricky!!!, I got my costume in today, and all I can say is Holy Crap!!! You managed to duplicate the real thing!! I don't know how you did it, and I really don't care, but I am GREATFULL that I didn't go with another costume I was looking at. I can't imagine anything else looking this good. I even wonder if the real costume that Brandon Routh wore looked this good. I am serious, you are the freakin MAN!!! I know I kept asking you for updates and everything on the progress, but I am serious when I say that I would have waited another MONTH to get something like this. All I can say is that I am so sorry for bothering you and I more than appreciate you making this for me. You are truly Amazing!! This costume just blows me away!! I showed it to a couple of friends and they were in shock. They said that it looked better than the real thing. One of them saw the display in NY at Toys-R-Us when the movie came out. They had the Real Costume on display in a glass case. He's the one that said this looks better than the that one. And you were not kidding when you told me that it would fit like a glove. It fits me Perfectly. From the suit, to the Cape, to the Boots, everything fits PERFECT!! Thank you sooo much!!! I will let everyone know about this. You have my promise that I will promote this costume and your buisness wherever I go. Especially when I'm wearing it. I just might start sleeping in this thing!! lol. But seriously Ricky, ThankYou!! Your friend and a VERY happy customer. Marshall.
Here are just a few pics and emails from customers who took the time to write. Quality is Priority! Each and every costume that is produced is hand made, crafted, and put together with patience and dedication.
 No corners are cut, no detail left untouched!
As you can see I don't fool around when it comes to Quality. These are Real people who took time out just to write these messages. 
(Thanks again everyone!!) 
I really take pride in my work. The costumes that I make are truly more Authentic looking and feeling than anything out there. You truly get what you see here...
High Quality Costumes!!